Sunday, June 04, 2006

the girl who is all over the place

Please! Someone stop me before I bitch again!

I've been noticing lately I have a tendency to nit pick at little details and blow things out of proportion. Like the Universal employee who spoke to me like a child when I asked for help unlocking the automated lockers. Or the bagger who put kitty litter on top of my frozen pizzas and crushed them. And don't let a Subway's employee within ten feet of me! Am I just entirely too picky, or is everyone in the service industry a nitwit? And if the latter is true, than what about me? I work in the service industry! Maybe that's why I take it so seriously...I know the expectation from both a consumer and supervisor sides, so it bugs me when it isn't done correctly.

Change of subject...

I took Zachary and his friend to Universal recently. It was fun, except for the other idiots also at Universal. I'm starting to really dislike the general public. Pushing, shoving, jumping in line, swearing, insulting, etc, etc, etc.

Ok, maybe its the same subject.

Moving on, we managed to have a good time after all. Zacky got his face painted like Spiderman and it looked wonderful for about five minutes. His friend David was painted like a tiger and he was perfect for the rest of the day. Amazing! We rode Jurassic Park and I HAD to get the picture they take on the ride. It was hilarious! (ignore the fat lady who needs a tan and a root touchup sitting next to the boys--she's not important) I love the bugged-out eyes of Zack's friend, and the way Zacky is trying to duck. I'm a sadistic mom, aren't I?

changing subject again...

We had a death in the family. Yes, Sharkey the fish died. Zacky's first experience with the death of a pet. We had the requisite toilet funeral. Zack was solemn as he addressed the deceased:
"Sharkey, I'm sorry you're dead. I'll miss you!" Seat down, toilet flushed, and a sobbing hug. Then, off to cartoons. They heal so easily when Foster's Home for Imaginary friends is on.

Of course, we've been having problems with the toilets stopping up recently (I suspect the littlest one has been flushing prohibited items) so I had to double check after Zacky left the room. Sure enough, Sharkey was still belly up in the bowl. I had to take care of that, with two little ones in potty training, I didn't want to take any chances with scaring them into diapers for life. Seriously, how traumatic would THAT be? GO to use the potty and there's a dead fish in the loo. Unfortunately, Sharkey was too big (or too stiff, I think rigor mortis had set in) to flush, so I had to scoop him out and try to sneak him out to the garbage. Well, I was caught, so we had to have a SECOND fishy funeral, this time digging a grave with a kitchen spoon. Ah, the circle of life.

and now for something completely different...

Saw King Kong recently too. It was ok, kind of slow in some places. What I loved was this one scene where, after surviving a shipwreck, vicious natives, dinosaurs, King Kong himself, plus a fall into a chasm off of a thrown log, they are attacked by creepy crawlies of all sorts. Including tube worms, or as I like to call them, penii with teeth. Seriously, that is what they looked like. I was describing this scene to my friend "Cool" Jen and she asked (in total deadpan) "Were they circumcised or uncircumcised?" ROTFLMAO!!! That conversation was on pause for a good two minutes while I dissolved into laughter. Then, after consulting with hubby, we decided they were definitely uncircumcised penii with teeth.


Had a b-day and was totally blown away with scrappy love on 2Peas. The Jens organized a tag celebration for me and I can't wait to get them! I'm already thinking of how to display them! B'day was low-key, actually no key. Didn't do anything special, BUT I did manage to find the super secret scrapbook store and buy myself a present. Now, I just need to use all the goodies!

again...But somewhat related

With hubby starting a new job, we decided the time had come for a new vehicle. And my Florida Dad very nicely offered to fund the venture. I'll post pics later, but I'm now the proud owner of a new (to me) mini-van. A '99 Plymouth Voyager SE. Loaded too. I am resolved to keep it pristine. (let's see how long that lasts) Seriously, it is NICE and I got a good deal. More that FL-Dad wanted to spend, so I was able to work out an affordable deal on payments. And I actually met an honest car salesman! That will be another post though.

'k, that's it for now. An abbreviated version of the past couple weeks. I will SERIOUSLY try to keep this updated, but we'll see how that goes.


island girl said... updated! And you are absolutely hilarious!! And I can't believe "cool" jen said that! Too dam funny!!

mIcHeLlE-o said...

Sorry to hear about the family pet passing away. Your blog postings totally crack me up sometimes. I really enjoy reading them. Congrats on the new car!!!

JenSmack said...

*blush* Moi? Innocent little me?? (hee-hee)

So glad to see a blog entry from you! I've missed it! You've had a lot going on lately. I hope things settle down for you and the fam.

Are you awake yet?? ;)