Sunday, April 12, 2009

the girl who has a warning

If you decide to decorate cupcakes with green frosting
and if you use the remainder of the tube of gel coloring
and if you throw that away and it misses the trashcan
and if your toddler picks it up off the floor and (unbeknownst to you) sucks it dry
and if you find the now completely empty tube on the floor of the living room with no idea of how it got there


don't be surprised
or intimidated

by the florescent green diaper that said toddler gives you the next morning


if you use your powers of deduction
when the color starts bleeding out of the poop stuck on his leg and tints the bathwater a sickly green

you just might figure out what happens

when you decide to decorate cupcakes with green frosting.

(no pictures. I thought about it, but decided not to inflict that upon my very very few readers!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

the girl who is catching up

so..since my last post I've

straightened my hair (temporarily)

made Breakfast for dinner on April Fool's Day

Met up with an old friend and her kids

taught some classes at the Scrappy Store

scrapped a little for myself

discovered Lomo and all of its yumminess

Gone to the Celebration Art Festival and, feeling artistic myself, took a bunch of pictures.

and not found a job

Don't know how much longer my landlord will be understanding, but I'm crossing my fingers the employment drought will end soon.

Quotes from the boys:

"Mommy, the school bus ride was AWESOME!"

"I am the Master Prankster!"

"I'm making costumes."
(Ian, my little dress-up guy)

(Eli's favorite new word)