Sunday, June 25, 2006

the girl who is a cleaning machine!

lol, ok maybe not, but that is the hope. I woke up this morning to an entire box of Fruity Pebbles masquerading as carpet in my living room. It wasn't a large box, but, then again, I don't have a large living room. One box was sufficient to carpet the entire floor. And just to add some interest, my interior decorators (ie, my three boys) had switched to cocoa pebbles for the kitchen. Carpets are not supposed to crunch. They are not supposed to turn soggy in milk. Carpets are especially not supposed to bring to mind a Jackie Gleason cartoon knock-off yelling, "BARNEY!"
So for the past hour, my eldest has been vacuuming away. Strange, how a chore that would take me 15 minutes takes him an hour,but still, I wasn't the ringleader in this little scam. The eldest had to vacuum, the youngest got sent to his room indefinitely (because, even though we didn't witness the crime, past experience tells us he probably did most of the damage) and the middle guy pretty much gets off scott free except for the no tv restriction they are all on. Ah, parenting at its finest.
Since my landlord is coming by tomorrow to sign the new lease, I figure the public areas of the house need to be as spotless as I can make them. Although there is no way I can cover the crayon and marker on the walls, perhaps it will serve as an incentive to her to let me paint. I really don't know why she is so hesitant. But its her property, not mine, so its her right. Still, I hope to announce a painting party soon!
Ok, off to clean. Anyone who sees me online should kick me off!

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mIcHeLlE-o said...

roflmao. i so love reading your stuff, you crack me up with your stories. hopefully your landlord will let you paint soon, i painted my whole entire house. it feels like mine since i picked out the colors. let me know when that painting party comes to town, i want in. hopefully you got everything done that needed to get done and some scrap time too.