Friday, June 16, 2006

the girl who wonders at the stupidity of people wearing a badge

And not a policeman's badge...a Universal Security officer's badge. Could someone please tell these people that they aren't REAL police and until their threats to me contain the words, "and we will call OPD" I am not likely to respond nicely to threats made by such people? And when they do utter that phrase, I will be the first on the phone to 911 begging them to send someone with ACTUAL authority to diffuse the situation and explain to the woman who is mad that she wasn't born a man but will act like the biggest frat jerk anyway that if you confiscate my ID because the picture is faded, I cannot show it to you to gain access to the parking garage? And if you are going to report me to my manager (big laugh there since I know nothing will come of THAT) for going through an OPEN security gate with no VISIBLE guard posted, that I will protest on principle alone? And if you tell me I am "rude" for suggesting that the guard be stationed BY the gate rather than around the corner, out of my sight, sitting on his tookus in the shade, that I will have to bite my tongue to keep from showing you what "rude" is? And if you tell me that I cannot park there (my ASSIGNED parking, mind you) until I go and obtain a new ID to replace the one YOU confiscated, by which you mean NOW THIS VERY MINUTE when, because of you, I am already 15 min late to work, I will simply go park at my actual place of employ after calling OUR security on the phone and explaining the situation to them.
GRRRRRR...jerks. Go back to guarding SpongeBob and waving guests through the lanes of orange cones.


JenSmack said...

Having a good day, Julie?

Many security guards have some sort of god-like complex and think they're the shizznet. They need to get a life.

mIcHeLlE-o said...

This isn't funny, I feel for you... but you really tell stories the bestest in the whole world.

island girl said...

lmao...seriously...some of the stuff that happens to you just kills me!!