Thursday, May 25, 2006

the girl who has a headache

I've had a headache for the past three days that just won't go away. It's getting really annoying. I'll be doing fine and then BAM, out of nowhere it hits. I've been trying to get some naps in when I can, drink lots of water and take pain relievers, but it just isn't working. I'm getting really sick of it.
Yesterday was my eldest's 7th birthday! They grow up so fast! I can't believe that this little person came out of me! I mean he was soooo tiny (5lb, 8 oz) when he was born and now he's this little thinking being who amazes me with the things he does and says. Wow! Who would have thought that my greastest accomplishment would be being a Mom?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

the girl who is urging you to donate

Today I type in green. Why? Because green is the color for organ donation, and I think everyone should be aware of what an important choice this is to make. I'm (almost) 32, and I have been a registered organ donor since high school. I know that one day I will leave this mortal coil, but I hope that my leaving can benefit others. I've felt this way for as long as I can remember--even before I fully understood the process. I remember being very young, and hearing a story on the news about a little boy my age that needed a new heart. I told my mother he could have mine. She had to explain why I couldn't just give my heart away.
If only it were as easy as simply wanting to help. All the good intentions mean nothing if you don't fill out an organ donor card. So I urge you...Take the time today to research this topic and make your choice. I hope that it is one that will give the gift of life, but I respect each person's individual right to their body.
Now, you may be wondering why I am on this particular soap box. To answer that question, I need to introduce you to Judy. Judy is my "Florida Mom" and is as close to me as flesh and blood. (although I know my actual mother is a bit jealous over the fact...She needn't worry, I have enough love for two moms!) I've known her for years, moved to Florida with her family, call her son my brother, her husband my dad, and my kids are her grandkids. She is a sweet lady, with a slightly salty personality, a great sense of humor and more courage and fortitude than I think I could ever have. Judy has a congenital kidney condition, and, in the past five years, has finally degenerated to the point of needing dialysis on a regular basis. I think it's been at least three years now that she has been going in three times weekly to have all her blood cycled through a machine to cleanse it. It's invasive, it isn't comfortable, and it's debilitating. And she has been doing it for years. I'm not going to say she hasn't complained. Only a saint or a sadist wouldn't complain, and she is neither. But she has borne it. For three years she has endured this process, for the sole purpose of prolonging her life.
For two of these three years she has been waiting to get on the Transplant List. Two very long years, made longer with heart surgeries, insurance snafus, strokes, and depression. To be honest, in the darkest times, I thought the fight was leaving her and lived for a brief period trying to picture my life without her to prepare myself for what I felt was the inevitable. Thank goodness my pessimism was not fulfilled. Thank goodness she never gave up entirely. Thank goodness for these horribly invasive procedures that prolong her life. Thank goodness for the US Mail.
Today our mail carrier delivered another letter from TransLife, her transplant coordinator. And this one felt different. It was thick--not the usual single page reminding of an appointment, or another test that needed to be scheduled, or another deadline to be met. Mom and Dad have their mail delivered to my address--a remnant of a more nomadic time in their life--and when I picked this up, I knew.
I ran the letter over to their house and delivered it right to Mom's hand. She felt the thickness of it and started to shake. She gave it to Dad to open, while I sat beside her, holding on, as much to support her as to support me. Dad could not help but fulfill his tendency for the dramatic, and spent a solid minute reading it silently to himself and flipping through the attachments. Finally, he announced that she was finally a full candidate for a kidney transplant and officially on the state's transplant waiting list.
What a relief! The first thing I thought was, "Finally!" (My husband put it better when he said, "It's about F&^%ing time!")
We have more hope today than we did yesterday. More hope that Mom will be around to be "Grammy" to my kids. More time for her to become a grandmother in her own right when my "brother" has his first child later this year. More hope for celebrations to come, and everyday moments to live.
And yet, this wonderful feeling is accompanied by a "...But"
But, even though she has waited two long years and jumped through every hoop imaginable, this is still just the first step. She's on the list, but it's going to take someone, somewhere, losing their life and 1.) being an organ donor or have next of kin willing to donate, 2.) have that person be a viable match for my Mom to accept their kidney, 3.) have her be in the right position on the list to receive it (a mixed blessing, because the sicker you are, the higher priority you are), and 4.) have her health be bad enough to be a high priority, but good enough to undergo the operation.
This is the first step for her. The first step for you is to make your choice regarding your personal convictions on organ donation, and let your friends and family know. If you choose organ donation, I--and my "Florida Family"--thank you.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the girl who is wishing you a happy mother's day!

Today has been just so nice! I was awakened this morning by a rather earnest nearly-seven-year-old bearing a tray for me. Breakfast in bed! He made me my very own bowl of fruity pebbles and a glass of oj. He apologized for not making me coffee too, but he "didn't know how." LOL! What a keeper! He also gave me this card. Each of the flowers comes out of the pot and has a different job he'll do for me. The inside has his picture, a Mother's Day poem and his message for me: Dear mom, you are the best mom I ever had! Thank you for taking care of me. Happy Mother's day. love zachary"


Everything else has been nice too. All the boys got a little backyard time today, Daddy has been taking care of things and I've just been doing whatever I feel like. Even went to the pool! (First time in public in this swimsuit...scary) Now a nice Italian dinner with my hubby after the boys are in bed and hopefully a little scrappy time while I watch the series end of Charmed. I just got the new bookshelf line from AC and they are so yummy! (Esp Seuss and Silverstein!) I can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mommy's! hope you were just as spoiled as me!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

the girl who is sharing the weird stuff

Ok, I was reading an article today about the newest re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, and it reminded me of a totally obscure fact from my childhood. So I decided that I would share ten things you probably don't know about me.

  • When Return of the Jedi came out, I was in elementary school. For a choir performance, we sang the song that the Ewoks sing at the end of the movie. "Yub nub, echop, yub nub, atomie tu peechy keene, g'nup dop fling, ooh ahh!" Scary, huh?
  • I have to sleep with my feet hanging off the bed. And no sheets, just a blanket.
  • I still have my baby doll from when I was 4.
  • I have an irrational phobia about revolving doors
  • I can sleep anywhere through just about any noise given the chance.
  • I once tried to be tough and--after reading about Harry Houdini--invited an older girl to punch me in the stomach. The theory is, if you tighten your abs at the moment you're punched, it won't hurt. I was about ten. It hurt. A lot. But I think I covered it well.
  • When I was about four, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered, "A Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Or a grasshopper." I am officially grown up and I am neither.
  • I like to eat pickeled herring on Ritz crackers
  • One of my legs is shorter than the other. In fact my whole symmetery is slightly skewed: one ear is higher than the other, one breast is bigger than the other. I am a freak.
  • Speaking of freakish things about me, I also have a prominent knob on the back of my hands. It's on both sides and always causes some questions when a doctor notices them. They have never been fully explained to me, but they hurt like hell when I bump something.

So now don't you feel like you know me better? Tell me something weird about you.


Today's pic is of the "Pearl of the Conchos" statue in my hometown. When she was first erected, there was quite the controversy about her bare breasts. Someone even managed to hook a bra onto her. In case you're wondering, she's a 34C.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

the girl who is laughing

So, if you've been following my rantings, you know I have a love/hate relationship with Subway. Love the sandwiches (when I can get what I want), Hate the customer service. So I wrote a letter of complaint to the owner of the franchise. (I can be diplomatic when I need to) I pointed out several basic cutomer service issues, explained how the staff should be trained, and expressed frustration at not being able to correct the issues myself. (I'm a bit of a busybody and am convinced I would be happier if everyone worked like I do, lol!)
This morning I received a phone call from the owner. And here's the funny part--she offered me a job managing the store I have so many issues with! And what is even funnier is I am actually considering it! I'm trying to work out in my head the best way to schedule things so I could actually do it, lol! Then I realized I have too many questions about how her operation is run, and the fact she explicitly mentioned how difficult it was for her to get a good manager for that store...makes me a little wary. But I figure, what do I have to lose? It won't do me any harm to speak with her, so Monday I'm going to do precisely that. Perhaps I can offer my services as a freelance sutomer service trainer. That is something I could work around with my current job and definately something I know. Who knows what could happen?
Today's picture is a some pretty pink flamingos striking a pose at Sea World. Hope it brightens your day!

the girl who is PISSED!

So why am I all torn up over a tv show? Chris Daughtery was kicked from American Idol tonight and it is ON MY BRAIN! I can't stop thinking about it. I'm convinced AI is rigged. Even though I've been a firm, "No, they play by the rules" kind of gal, this just proved the cynics right. Damn! And Ryan Seacrest was just plain cruel about delivering the news. Geez, could he have been more of a jerk? He did everything short of "Nyah, Nyah! YOu're going ho-me!"


Friday, May 05, 2006

the girl who is doing the happy dance!

Yaaaaaay! I am pleased to report that we are officially a TWO income family again! Whew! What a relief! And, it's a GOOD job for my DH, so that makes it even better. So {knock on wood} soon we can maintain and improve our lifestyle--such as it is. And, if all goes well, I can make a job change in the future myself. So I am crossing my fingers that all goes well and I am just ecstatic and optimistic right now! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Today, one of my latest pages. One documenting Mr. Trouble on Two Feet's first set of stitches. I say first because, knowing him, it won't be his last! Journaling is in the file folder along with ER mementos and most of the "stitching" is fake! Only the blanket stitch around the file folder is real!