Friday, June 23, 2006

the girl who is having a day

And not necessarily a good one, either.

Came home from work really early last night because, on top of the ongoing headaches that I have complained about previously, now I am feeling nauseous and dizzy. Great, so I get the usual "are you pregnant?"
lines, and I get to respond with my usual, "don't think so, we figured out how that happens" line. Tried to take off from work today and was told my services were ABSOLUTELY needed, so there ya go. I'm going in for a teeny tiny four hour shift, because, quite frankly, I think that's all other people can handle. By that I mean I am flying off the handle today and easily irritated. My poor kiddos haven't heard anything but a yell from me today. Then they stop and hug me to make me feel better and I just feel worse because now I have GUILT on top of whatever irritated me and made me yell in the first place!

So I finally did something about it and made a Dr's appt. I don't have a doctor. I should, but I don't. So I made an educated decision with tons of research and investigation and found a doctor for my health care needs. (Actually, I picked the woman doctor closest to me who took my insurance. Very scientific ya know.) AND they were able to work me in today. So I just got back and here is the verdict: migraines. The dreaded "M" word. I always figured they were just a catch-all excuse for a really big headache and kinda dismissed anyone who claimed to suffer from them. Yeah, well, no more. I believe, I believe! And I believe that I will take these pills that the doc said WILL knock me out, and I believe I will do that the second my shift is over, and I believe I will sleep for the next three days, since I don't have to be back to work until Tuesday, thanks to this handy Dr's note I have.

So there.
Two good things that happened today. 1.) I got a letter from DCF informing myself and my husband that we have been cleared of any abuse or neglect for Matthew's adventures back in May, and 2.) I got some Island Girl Scrapwear in my mailbox today and will definately take a pic and post it for my scrapping bud!
New scrappy love: my effer dare!

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mIcHeLlE-o said...

Sorry about you not feeling well today Julie. Hope those pills will make you feel better. In the mean time, that LO rocks!! I so love the way it turned out. The kiddos' I'm sure understand that you don't feel good, stop beating yourself up!!! You are an awesome mom and your kids know that and now so does DCF!!!