Monday, February 27, 2006

the girl who is rolling her eyes...

Ok, I live in the hospitality hub of the USA and you would think that with so many people working in the industry you would get decent service around here. Not so. I went in to Subway's tonight and the two girls behind the counter were like robots. Not a smile, a hello, a how are you doing? Nope. An expectant look was all I got. Plus they were both cracking gum with their mouths open. It was like watching cows chew cud. Disgusting. Now, normally, this would irritate me and nothing else. But they were out of everything I wanted...I ordered a steak and cheese, they had to go refill the steak. I ordered a meatball, they were out of meatballs. I ordered a chicken pizziola, they were out of chicken. I ordered three kids meals, they were out of the bread for kids meals. So I said, "You basically have nothing I want then?" And the girl waiting on me said, "It's not my fault."
Wow. Really, just wow!
You don't work here? It's not your job to stock, to prep, to give decent guest service? Really? Who's job is it? And while I was actually asking these questions out loud. Not in a loud disruptive way, but in an incredulous-I-can't-believe-you-actually-said-that way. Then the other girl came over. Pierced in every conceivable place on her face. Now, I really don't have a problem with that, because it's an image thing encouraged where I work. But it felt out of place and rather incongruous at a Subways. She tells the girl who was "helping" me, "It's ok, don't worry about her." Right in front of me!
Again, wow.
Turns out that this girl is the manager. Really? Again, wow. She tells me its not the other girl's fault--but its not her fault either. The morning shift didn't stock and she's not even supposed to be in.
Can I say wow again? Or is it just being too repetitive?
Is it too much to ask to be able to go to a fast food place, get what you order, have someone actually treat you as a person and not an order, and possibly, just possibly, get a little human interaction? And if anything is wrong, sincere empathy and an attempt to make it better, not just make excuses?
Am I taking this too seriously?
I just find it inconceivable that this girl (who was probably born about the same time I got my first job) is a manager and acts this way. I wouldn't let my worst employee act this way and I would never treat a patron the way she treated me--bored indifference.
It's a lost cause, I know. But it just bugs me.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

the girl who is exercising restraint

Must. Not. Use. New. Pictures. Must. Not!
I am so close to getting "caught up" to my newest batch of pictures, so I am resolving to not even think about them until I am done. I have a crop at the end of March. I WILL be done by then!
And I must organize my scraps. They are growing out of control! I've thought up a new way to organize them that will hopefully leave some room for growth. I think I need to challenge myself to only use my scraps from now on. lol! Maybe have a scrap party? Give the scraps away? I welcome suggestions!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the girl who met a goal!

I did it! Yaaaaaaay! I finished two albums this weekend. Now I am only a year behind, lol! (We are not counting Christmas, 2004 right now, I want to savor my accomplishment!) Now I just need to get caught up with the lo's I have on hand and then I can start planning the lo's for all the new pics.
There is always so much to do, and I always manage to not do it. Laundry, keeping the house clean, keeping the fridge stocked, and work. It all exists in a state of "moderately acceptable." I describe my housekeeping skills as "good enough" as in, if there aren't things growing, stinking or putrifying, and the house is reasonably clear of debris, then my job is done. But I aspire to be better. The other day I was at the neurologist's office with my youngest. There was this beautiful woman there with three adorable little girls. The two oldest (about 3 and 5) were in matching WHITE denim outfits. And they were immaculate! All three girls were perfectly coiffed and accessorized, their mom was in a gorgeous set of silver-grey, flowey gauchos, a turquoise top, six-inch strappy silver sandals and matching accesories. When complimented on her (perfectly behaving as well as immaculate) children, she commented onhow she can't stand mess and her house is as clean as her kids. She mentioned that she always dressed her children this way. She mentioned that she had a job and her mother watched the children, but she did all the housecleaning. This was her day off. And she was dressed like that? Wow, I felt totally inadequate with my jeans and baseball tee and my 2 year old wandering around, bringing me mega blocks with remmnants of a pbj on his face. Now, do I hate her or try emulate her? Well, I bet (or I hope) that she doesn't have a hobby!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

the girl who is going to ramble...

This whole blog thing is something I have to get used to. I really want to keep up with it, but then, well, LIFE gets in the way.
Currently the issue is that my brother in law is staying with us. It wasn't intentional, it just happened. He came over to visit and play WoW with my husband and, well, he just hasn't left yet. It's been almost a month of him hanging out and sleeping on the couch. On the plus side, this means I get to sleep in a little bit in the morning because he is still up (as in hasn't gone to sleep yet!) when my eldest gets ready for school. On the negative side, he is always on the computer, so I have to kick him off if I want to get on.
I was sick as a dog this week, which doesn't bode well for payday, but had the benefit of allowing me to get some much needed sleep. And I managed to get some scrapping done. I am vowed to complete the boys unfinished albums from 2004 so I can then vow to complete 2005 before scrapping 2006. LOL! What an endless cycle! The 200 some odd pictures I ordered from 2Peas are not going to lighten the task any! Seriously! 200 PLUS! These date back to about the start of the school year and have every event from August until now. I can't wait to get them in! I have this odd little fetish where I enjoy the planning process of scrapping almost as much as the creating aspect. This earned me the description of being "oddly organized" on a scrappy friend's blog the other day, but I'll take it!
Speaking of scrappy friends, the afore mentioned scrapping buddy is none other than the fabulous Island Jen from 2Peas. She and I joined JenSmack at the Scrapbook Shack in Altamonte Mall for a day long crop. You would think that 12 full hours of creative company would result in just ooodles of layouts, but I was topped out at 4. Too much gossip and Starbucks! lol! (As if that is a bad thing!) It was inspiring and got me back into scrapping, I've had a dry spell since completing the album for my work friend for Christmas. I have GOT to steal that back and post scans! It turned out so beautiful!
And an enabler alert for any Orlando scrapping buds: Scrapbook Boutique is now carrying Wild asparagus Paper! Swoon! I have seen people use it, and drooled over the loveliness of it, but never used it myself. Finally got my hands on some and I am hooked! You know how you hear a lot of hype about something and figure that its just that--hype? I mean the patterns are lovely, but there are many lovely patterns out there and distressed vintage patterns aren't exactly difficult to find these days, you know? Well, I am hooked, converted, whatever--I am in love! The paper is double sided with a pattern on one side and solid coordinating color on the other. But here is where WA stands out: the paper is TEXTURED like Bazzill! A patterned and textured paper? OMG, scrap nirvana! I am committed to using my 3 day weekend to complete ds #2 and ds#3's 2004 albums! Then I'll see how much is left to do everywhere else. Maybe I can get a handle on this problem of mine before the afore mentioned pictures come in. (Then I'll be locked away, scheming and planning my next pages, lol!)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the girl who is under construction

if you actually follow my blog and have wondered where I am...don't worry...I'll be back...