Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the girl who is POTD!

WoW! What an honor! I mean (totally gushing here) I never thought I was on anyone's radar, much less someone who "qualified" as a true Pubster. I really like the vibe over there, plus the work is generally on a different level than General (and this is a generalization and in no way meant to be condescending to General, I still hang there too) so I get more inspo. ImPearia had such nice things to say about my work and she picked one of my favorite (but little loved) lo's. I really loved Spidergirl's comment about me. I've been smiling all day when I think about it.
8 lo's last night (one of them a double page spread with 11 pictures--seriously!) and 3 the night before. I've run out of page protectors for my Matthew album. I decided it was just easier to focus on one kid at a time to get caught up. Tonight , the plan is to do another possible MMM layout that's been kicking in my head, and then do a little bit of sketching and product pulling. I need to be in bed earlier tonight than last night, lol. (4am two nights running!) Two o'clock is early enough, isn't it?
Sharing my Buddha love. I know my limited blog audience has already seen it, but, who knows, I'm the Pub Princess today, that means SOMEONE is going to check out my blog, right?


mIcHeLlE-o said...

I'm checking you out girl. I was hoping you would see my comment on your last entry, I found your POTD early this morning. You should be very proud of yourself and enjoy your day, because you rock girl!! CONGRATS again on POTD!! Sending you Lub girl.

JenSmack said...

Yayyy for the Pub Princess! LOVE that you received this recognition! Your creativity and the quality of your work is outstanding! So glad to see that others realize it too!

You deserve it, babe!