Monday, June 12, 2006

the girl who is yawning

At what point did my husband decide that I was his human alarm clock and if he had to be up, I had to be up? Seriously! It's my day off and I stayed up late scrapping and then (re)organizing my scrap space. I wanted to sleep in since I didn't have to be anywhere in the am. But no, 6 am and the alarm starts going off and the only way to get it to turn off is if I get out of bed to do it myself. (Alarm clock is in the bathroom). This goes on until 6:30--which is the routine. Whay not just set the alarm for 6:30 to begon with? Then he gets up and gets in the shower and asks me to pack his lunch for him and make coffee. Why don't I just tell him where to go? Because I know where I want to go--back to bed! Then, I must find his hairbrush, his wallet, a pair of socks. I swear, my 7 yo is easier to get off to school! But I love him. I must, because any sane woman would hqave killed him!


JenSmack said...

Yeah... that wouldn't fly in my house. You are SO MUCH NICER than I am. He is LUCKY to have you. Seriously.

I'm thinking he likes being around you and thinks of this as some extra "quality" time together or something. (right?)

mIcHeLlE-o said...

Get an air horn and start using that in the morning when the alarm goes off, that'll teach him to get up himself and get the real alarm. LOL!! Go check out the Pub over at 2 p's, you're going to be pretty excited girl!!!!!