Friday, April 07, 2006

the girl who is exhausted

SO the expo came and went and it was FANTASTIC!!! I got to crop with the amazing Jens and met Milissa and Brieanna, her daughter. Milissa is the owner of Serendipity Scrapbooking and amazingly talented. She was very honest when I asked for critiques of my layouts and was very helpful. Her daughter--at 14--is shaping up to be an awesome scrapper herself! Who knows, HOF may have an even younger winner next year!
This is the layout that my table helped with...specifically the lettering on "best" I was using some bright blue tailored letters from scrapworks (the negative image) with strips of Danny O underneath. They convinced me that the blue didn't work and so I switched to the Rusty Pickle bingo chips and...well, BINGO! it worked! I've entered layout contests at every Expo I've cropped at, but never placed. I always thought I had submitted good pieces, but recognize that most of the lo's submitted were more CM style than Pea-style. SO I wasn't optimistic. I don't even know what won this time around, except I placed first! WoW! I was flabbergasted! My face was beet red, I'm sure. I could feel the heat! I won the complete "Love" line from Ki Memories. It's awesome, but I don't know what I'm going to use it for. Some project will come up, I'm sure.
Now, on to why I am exhausted. I helped chaperone my middle man's "exceptional education" pre-school class to Sea World today. It was hot, it was crowded, and it was chaos. I didn't really have a good time, and I'm not entirely sure if he did either. DH and I had reservations about him going, but I was guilted into it by his teacher. Then I had chaperone because that's the only way we'd let him go! Never again.
There was this one mother there who had styled herself as the queen bee of the chaperones. It was amusing and annoying at the same time. It was like watching highschool all over again. She was bossing everyone around and every once in awhile would come up to me to make some comment about another child or parent's behavior. It was deja vu...15 years ago deja vu! Of course, this woman was so classy that when a bathroom was a long walk away, she told her son to just "whip it out" and pee there. He did! And not in the bushes either! In the middle of a lawn! And then she nonchalantly asked him if he was done when the Sea World staff brought him back to her and diplomatically pointed the way to the restrooms. It was a farce.
I did manage some pretty awesome pictures though. Will post those later after I find my usb cord.

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island girl said...

OMG...she did not tell him to whip it out right where he stood?!! oh dear christ i swear they should give out licenses for people to have children!! sorry the field trip was so sucky!!

but...i lub your layout, i lub it so much i went out and bought danny-o paper yesterday!!! yay!! i can't wait to scrap with you again!!