Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the girl who is feeling the weight of the world

sick. yuck. can't stand being sick, I have too much to do! Cut out of work early tonight and missed entirely today--which does not bode well for next paycheck. Had the "talk" did not go well, but it cleared the air a bit. Feel like a bad mommy, feel like a bad wife, just plain feel bad.


island girl said...

awww sweetie...i hate that you're feeling this way!! hugs to you and call if you need anything...and just remember...there's no problem a starbucks can't fix!!

lub you! mwah!

mIcHeLlE-o said...

Sorry to hear things are sucking for ya. I do hope that things get better and hope your feeling spiffy again soon. The weight will be lifted soon, just remember it get's bad before it get's better. Hugs to you.


JenSmack said...

Oh no... I'm so sorry to hear that you've come down with the ick. And really sorry to hear that the talk didn't go well. Let's talk soon, k? I'll try and reach you earlier in the day tomorrow.

Oh - and the fact that you even care about whether or not you're a bad mommy means that you are NOT a bad mommy.