Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the girl who is doing the excited dance

What does it say about my life when the prospect of sitting at a table in a huge room pasting pictures on paper is the be-all, end-all event that has me counting down the days until the weekend? (btw, 4 to go!)
It says I AM A SCRAPPER!!!! lol!
Trying to come up with some fun, "Un-Birthday" stuff. And bringing some of my recent scraps for Poker!
(hopping up and down in anticipation)
hee, hee, hee!


JenSmack said...

Sorry I keep missing your calls, girlie. Stupid work gets in the way!

I am so freakin' happy that the weekend is almost here. I cannot wait until Saturday! Yayy! We're going to have the best time! And I feel like a teenager right now - acting so giddy over a field trip or something! (We need to get out more)

JenSmack said...


island girl said...

you are so cracking me up!! woo-hoo..tomorrow is the day!!

JenSmack said...

ONE --------- MORE -------- DAY!!!

JenSmack said...

But seriously... we TOTALLY need to get out more. Seriously.