Thursday, April 20, 2006

the girl who is a little late

I know Easter was last week, but I wanted to share these pictures of my eldest and I dying eggs. They turned out so fun! Makes me want to scrap! Sorta. I have been sick and home from work the past three days. YOu would think that I would get tons of scrapping done, but, no. I just wanted to veg. No ambition at all. Finally, I forced myself tonight, and actually ended up completing three layouts. But they seem kind of blah to me. I guess when the mojo isn't working, you shouldn't force it.


JenSmack said...

Awesome photos girl! At least you can still capture cool art while you're sick! I hope you're doing better!

Did you use food coloring for the eggs? Or store-bought dyes?

island girl said... have every color of the rainbow!! Awesome!