Monday, April 10, 2006

the girl who has a mentor

I am doing it. This is my year! I am going to get published, get on a design team, and get my name out there. And to that end, I asked the great ladies of the Pub at 2Peas for a mentor. THe fabulous creativekelli responded and now I have someone to give me a "been there, done that" view of the scrapbook publishing universe.
Now she's asked me to take a look at my stle and define it. I clearly have no idea! Basically, I'm a good scraplifter when it comes to details and techniques, but rarely lift a whole layout. I like mixing papers, but that's fairly recent. I also think I'm "photo inspired" but don't know if that's really a "style" or not. A little help? Anyone have any ideas for what my "style" is?
Oh, and I think I'm going to go for MMM...although I really don't expect anything to come of it. I can't post them online, but would posting them in a private album count? That way, I can ask a few, select people for their opinion, but it won't be "public." Do you think this is within the rules?


island girl said...

ummm....let's see...your style...

1. it rawks
2. your detailed (i.e. anal, but in a good way :-))
3. you are definitely about the photos
4. you never over use elements...the photo is always the star of your layout
5. you journal...alot, and you think about it ahead of time...journaling is an after thought for me

and i'm assuming i will be part of the select few?!

JenSmack said...

I looked at your LOs tonight & was hoping to be able to give you a name for your style. I can't. It seems to change. You have some very graphic LOs (my fave balloon one) and some collage-y type LOs - the "cookie" LO, and "The End" Lo... How do you put a name to someone who has a versatile style? (if there is one, please let me know)

As far as MMM - you go for it, girl! I promise to give you good constructive criticism (if you ask me) and won't steer you down the bright blue lettered road. On my honor.

JenSmack said...

I still don't know about the private album thing. Did you ask your mentor?

Once you're done being mentored, will you mentor ME?? :0)