Thursday, March 16, 2006

the girl who has returned!

I'm baaack! Geez, what a journey. If I didn't love and miss my family so much, I would never travel with three small children and a husband who hates crowds during Spring Break. So, rather than go into detail about the horrors said scenario created, I'll let you just imagine it.
Now double that.
And then end with a $75 parking fee because DH didn't want to "deal" with Satellite parking.
anyway, a funny thing happened in the 2 years since I've seen my parents. They got old. Weird. My mother lost 30 lbs! She was skinnier than I ever remember seeing her, and it literally took me a little while to get used to the new mom. Her wrists are so dainty! My dad pretty much stayed the same, but both of them had wrinkles I just wasn't used to. It made me realize, yeah, they really are in their 60's now.
I had a lot of housing envy while I was there. Especially around my sister. She has such a cute little place and she and her husband have put so much work into it. Tons of accessories and knick-knacks and everything color coordinated and just perfect. Now excuses either. She has a five year old and a very demanding job. How can she keep things so much better than me? I really am resolved to be a better housekeeper, and stop spending money on scrapping supplies. Instead, I will spend them on home accessories. (ok, maybe some cardsock or really cute patterned paper, but nothing wild!)
So, I'm back and I'm taking tonight off. Tomorrow I will clean this place and purge my packrat ways.


JenSmack said...

Okay - so am I supposed to enable you in scrap deals or help make you a better keeper of your house? Cuz I forgot already. ;)

So glad you're back safe!

island girl said...

um yhea i have the perfect solution to your "no spending money on scrap supplies but spend it on home accessories" idea....Casselberry target has whole section in the scrap aisle of home decor projects!!

See...solves your problem, you can buy scrap stuff AND decorate you house!! :-)

JenSmack said...

Where the heck is Casselberry?

JenSmack said...

First your schedule doesn't fit with mine and *now* you haven't updated your blog... why are you messing with me like this?!


Happy Weekend!