Thursday, March 02, 2006

the girl who is flooding the gallery

I love 2peas and have been kinda down that I haven't been able to garner any personal validation lately because of my scanner being down, but tonight dh hooked everything up all nice and fixed and I posted 11 lo's! And I tried to be a polite poster and made sure I had no more than one on the front page when I posted the next. Man, what a project! And I didn't even post all of the. SOme I deemed just not "pea-worthy" you know?
Anyway, if you have a chance, go check it out. Ever since I scrapped with the fabulous Jens (Island Jen and JenSmack) I've been inspired! I left out about 6 lo's, but they were fast and simple. I sometimes just feel the need to get them done, so I use tried and true design rather than thinking things to death.
I challenge any scrappers out there to let go of pressure and just do! Get those pages done. They don't have to be magazine worthy, just family worthy. Who are we doing this for anyway?


island girl said...

dam straight baby!! it's all about the family!! and i have def been inspired by you!! just a few more weeks to scrapbook poker!!

JenSmack said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing your LOs in the gallery! (finally - jeez) ;) It was fun to give you some much deserved praise! Your LOs were awesome!