Friday, March 03, 2006

the girl who couldn't resist

So I broke down and had to organize my photos last night. I got ome from work and everyone was asleep! This is highly unusual in my house, esp when my bro-in-law is over. I have a miserable cold--bad enough to make me uncomfortable, but not so bad I can justify taking off from work--and I had taken some Day-Quill. This damn stuff actually had me operating on this insane energy level. I know not to that again. Anyway, had to do something, so I organized. I didn't sketch or pick out paper or anything, but I did divide up.
It's just a little thing to get the scrappy bug going. I have a cj to finish and mail off on our chronically late cj group, lol. We are so far behind we may never catch up, but we're keeping intouch and everyone knows where their journal is, so that's a good thing.
And (deep breath) I'm going to do my first ever photo swap. I actually got my nerve up and asked a Pea whose work I admire and she said yes! I feel like such a groupie (lol!) but her style is perfect for this particular photo and I can't wait! And to the Jen's, no it is not my scrappy girl crush, so you can stop laughing now!
I have half an hour before I have to go to work...the house is trashed, the groceries still aren't entirely put away and my bro-in-law is passed out on the couch. But I feel crappy and can't seem to finish anything so, whatever. It'll get done when it gets done.
In one week and two days I'll be in Texas, yaaay!


island girl said...

hee-hee..i totally thought scrappy crush...hahaha!!! bwaaahhhh!!

JenSmack said...

I thought the same damn thing! LOL!