Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the girl who is DONE with her Christmas shopping!

Well, it's done. The tree may not be up yet, the decorations are still hiding away in the the closets, but I have the Christmas shopping done. Even stockings! Let's hear it for layaway! I actually did the bulk of my shopping back in October. Went and picked up one yesterday and will pick up the other today. Then it's just a matter of wrapping and hiding the gifts until Christmas. Santa went overboard this year (as usual) and I'm looking back and wondering how we managed to accumulate so many gifts when we always start out with "One present from Santa, one present from us, an outfit and a pair of pajamas" It never works out that way.
On a different subject; my middleman has some speech and language delays and will be starting in special education pre-school in January. Unfortunately, the classes were full at our "home" elementary, so I need to go down there in person and beg them to accept my child. It makes no sense to me to put my three-year-old on a bus every day when the elementary school his older brother goes to is right across the street! And I do mean that literally. It's the only reason we allow our eldest to walk to school. Why waste tax-payer's money? So wish me luck!

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