Thursday, December 15, 2005

the girl who doesn't have her tree up

Yeah, I suck. But I have two little ones who can't be entirely trusted with ornaments and I haven't really been in the holiday mood. But I swear that I WILL get that tree up today! Of course, that means I have to get the house completely cleaned, the laundry put away and the living room rearranged first. lol! I have chronic "but first disease" I'm going to do this, BUT FIRST I need to do that...and so on.
I also think it's time I start advertsing my blog amongst my on-line buds. I started this thinking it was just for me, but only a week or so into it and I'm thinking its more of a personal validation thing. I like reading other chica's blogs (and if I knew how to link better, I would share with you right now some faves) but I also love reading the comments. I want comments! Please, please validate my mundane life and make me feel special! lol!
So...goal for today: get this house in shape and get that #$%^@ tree up!


Erin said...

is that tree up girL?
i so understand having kids who love to pull off ornaments!
this is the first year they actually understand "stay away from the tree"...
i'm so happy i found your blog!!!

Angela said...

So there gf, second year in a row for me!!