Sunday, March 11, 2007

the girl who loves Photoshop

Look at this! The cutie picture of my little guy fixed with the modern wonder that is PhotoShop! I will link a proper thank you to the wonderful Pea who helped me out once 2Peas is actually up and running again!

And in other news....the prodigal son returns! Yes, after two weeks Maceo has returned. And let me tell you, that old cliche, "Don't know what you got 'til its gone" (Thank you Cinderella) is very true! I didn't realize how much love and affection I had for my furry son until he disappeared. Exactly two weeks after he disappeared, he shows up at the back door yowling his head off. We don't know where he's been, but he wasn't starving when he got back (although he had lost some weight), he was filthy dirty, but not alot of brambles and such stuck in his fur, he seems fine, really. We took him to the vet on Sat just to be sure and he got a clean bill of health. So all is well. He has been spoiled ever since!


island girl said...

WOW...that is good!! i'm going to need a tutorial on that!

JenSmack said...

Holy cow! That's amazing!!