Friday, March 30, 2007

the girl who is sharing *THE* picture

So what is so special about this picture? I can hear you asking yourself this very question. Yeah, it's a cute billboard, but's just a billboard. Well, the answer is really not so much in the picture but the story behind it.
You see, right before the Tampa trip, I got a new camera. A really cool 8 megapixel Kodak in cosmic blue. It's really, really, really, outstandingly awesome. The entire drive to Tampa I was taking random pictures just for the pure joy of using my new camera. (see previous post) Well, Island Jen's love of Starbucks is well documented and when we passed this sign she wanted a picture. Unfortunately, the camera was put away at that point and I wasn't able to get a shot before we had passed it.

I'm not sure if it was Starbucks obsession or wanting to be part of the fun of random pictures, but Jen made a U TURN, drove past the sign in the opposite direction and then u-ied again. Yes she did. Then she found a handy storefront with a parking lot almost underneath the sign and stopped, so I could get out and take my time getting a good shot.
The girl is just plain obsessed with Starbucks! lol! So anyway, that is the story behind *the* picture.

Happy now?


island girl said...

What?! Like there's something wrong with making a U-turn to take a pic of a Starbucks sign?!

ck said...

i'd just like to point out it was *TWO* u--turns

JenSmack said...

Um, I think you're BOTH crazy.

But that's why I love you.

island girl said...

two...three..whatever it takes to get a good shot, and leave with a great story!