Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the girl who is such a mom

Who else but a mom would be so proud of her son's potty accomplishments? lol! Really, I just wanted to share!

So--for those who want to know--Matthew's normal potty routine is to first get completely naked (I'm telling you, this kid loves being nude) and then place his feet firmly on either side of the seat and squat down, hovering his little tushie over the hole in the seat. He then will make some random faces and sound effects (without actually doing anything at all--this is purely for effect), drop a smidgeon of toilet paper in the bowl and flush, proclaiming, "I'm doooooooooooone!!!"

And then ten minutes later I'll be changing a diaper.

And as a note, let me assure you, this will repeat itself even if I make him stay on the potty until I"m forced away by some scream from the other room. So at a newly minted three years old we're still trying to figure out this whole potty thing.

Tonight he started to make exaggerated faces and sound effects and I asked him if he was going stinky. He said yes so I encouraged him to go stinky in the potty, not in his pamper. (Yes, tmi, but this is proud mama talking--wait for it)

Moments later I hear a jubilantly triumphant cry..."Mama! IT'S WORKING!!!!!"

lol, that's the punchline, you can stop reading now. Yep, he finally achieved full potty status! And he continued to announce (and flush) after each little pellet. (Ok, so that's really tmi.)

Proud Mama moment over.

And if you are wondering about his face in the picture (what a cute expression!) this is what happens when you catch someone in the act. Any new mothers out there, let me just give you a piece of advice: when you catch your toddler in the middle of a potentially dangerous act--say climbing from the step stool into the open freezer to use it as a stepping stone to the stuff that is out of reach on top of the refrigerator--DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT yell at them from across the room! This will have the effect of startling them into losing their grip and (if they are anything like my son) hitting everything possible with their face on the way down before landing with a thud on their--yes, you guessed it--face. If you find yourself in this situation, sneak up on your child and deftly remove them from their precarious perch. THEN feel free to admonish them as much as you'd like.

I promise you, it actually looks worse in person.

And, might I mention, he started a new daycare on Monday and did this on Saturday. I was afraid that they would think I beat my child, but when they asked me on Day 2 if he had any balance problems, I knew they understood. To borrow a phrase from the Princess, he trips over dust molecules. He then cries for about a minute, gets up and is fine. I assured him, he has been given a clean bill of health (from a pediatric neurologist no less) and is merely clumsey and has no fear. A dangerous combination.

He inherited his grace from his mother, who inherited it from her mother. Hopefully he'll discover grace when he starts playing football. (He's the one I've chosen to be the pro-footballer.)


Angela said...

Oh that was SO funny! Congrats to your little one on his new achievements, lol!

JenSmack said...

Yayy! Congrats to cutie-pie Matthew! I hope his potty success continues! I'm sure things will begin to, uh, flow, much better now.

island girl said...

oh gosh...he did get banged up pretty good...he's still my cutie patootie though!!

congrats on the bathroom stuff..i'm with you all the way!