Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The girl who has a buttload of pictures!

So I had QUITE the Easter. I'm not sure if it was a good one or not, but it was definitely one I will remember.
First, Thursday night my FIL calls to say he is coming up for the weekend on Friday to paint the place. Granted, it is something that definitely needed to be done and that I had been planning on doing for awhile, BUT it is Easter weekend and I had plans for the family. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It goes Halloween, Christmas, Easter. So many fun things to do, lots of traditions and TONS of photo opportunities...I love it! Well, FIL coming up sort of mucks up my plans. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but couldn't it have waited until NEXT weekend?
Anyway, since it is painting and I can't be around the fumes and nobody in their right mind would want all three kiddos running around, I was going to take off. There were some Easter activities around town and I thought maybe we'd dye eggs at the park at a picnic table (less mess for me to clean up!) and maybe take the dog out to the doggie park. You know, fun stuff. DH had other plans,
DH committed ME to take the kiddos to a friend of his from work's girlfriend's kids' party. And it was for THREE kiddos. So...I'm being sent to a place I've never been, to celebrate the birthdays of children neither me nor my kids have met AND I'm obligated to buy presents for them. I appreciate that DH wants to make the day special for his buddy's kids by increasing the guest count, but I wish he had been able to come with me. Anyway, we go, the kids have a good time, but the party was running from one until nine and they MEANT it! We got there around 2:30 and things were still in the set-up stages. By 4 they had started serving burnt hot dogs and by 4:30, one of my kiddos went exploring. Now I thought (silly me) that there was always an adult watching the bouncy house by the gate. I mean, I even took a turn (or so I thought). But apparently I was wrong, and while I was trying to convince one kid that burnt hot dogs were a great delicacy, I had one kid wandering around in the street.
Let me ask you this. If you are at a party and see a child from the party wandering around in the street would you a.) go remove the child from danger and find that child's mother or b.) go find the child's mother and tell her to remove her child (who is still wandering around) from danger? Of course, option b seemed to make sense. Then, as I'm waddling over to get my kid out of the road, one of the mother's feels like it is her duty to say to me, "You really need to watch your kid better."
I responded with a pretty insincere, "Thanks for the advice!" and ran after my kid...whom she is WATCHING play in the street!
I decided at that point I should leave before I made a scene. It isn't my party and I'm not going to make it about me. So I loaded the kids in the car to drive home and find...
DH has made the executive decision to rip up and throw out all of the carpet in the condo as well as paint the walls. Great. let's destroy our landlord's property! It'll be fun! Particularly come renewal time when she comes to the condo and sees what he's done! This is one battle I am pissed about because--while I agree that it is probably healthier for the kids and easier to clean--it is not OUR property and therefore, not OUR decision. Now my house that I cleaned for my FIL's arrival is completely trashed and who knows when that will get cleaned? DH also threw out all of the boys' furniture seeing as the old stuff was much-abused particle board and falling apart. Yes, we have ordered new furniture, but it will be June before we get it and I'm not entirely comfortable with the boys sleeping on mattresses on the (concrete) floor. Plus now all of their clothes need some sort of storage system too! Argh! It'll get straightened out eventually, but in the meantime, I can't find a damn thing!
Easter Sunday was the day we actually did the dying of eggs and egg hunt. I made a wonderful dinner that my FIL didn't stay for and DH wouldn't eat. More lamb for me! I'm trying not to be upset, but really, I haven't been in a good mood since Sat. Yesterday I stormed out of Subways because they wanted to stop making my order in the middle to start making the order of the person who came behind me. I asked them why I had to wait on the people in front of me as well as the people behind me and he said it was because he couldn't change gloves. What?!!! So I stormed out and left him with five halfway completed sandwiches. I went to Publix and got the meat myself and we had sandwich night.
So I'm in a bad mood and really can't be trusted around people right now. On the bright side, I did get some AWESOME pictures this weekend. Check them out!


Gerry said...

Lovely photos...thanks for sharing them...and it was really wonderful reading through your post...and hey as Mothers Day is approaching in a while now do visit my blog on Mother's Day Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

island girl said...

Those egg photos are just egg-tastic! Looks like you're having fun with the new camera!!
And what happened to my little one? Who put the goose egg on his head!?!