Thursday, February 05, 2009

the girl who is emptying the nest

At the beginning of the school year I tried to enroll Matthew in the Voluntary Pre Kindergarten classes at Ian and Zacky's school. Unfortunately, the classes were filled. However, they run on half-year cycles, so I attempted again for the classes starting in January. After filling out twenty-ga-jillion pages of paperwork, I sent it off to school with Zachary.

That was a mistake.

I have learned, to my chagrin, that Zachary is not the most reliable of messengers. I discovered this after I was looking through his backpack and found the paperwork--three weeks later. I missed the deadline and Matthew missed out on preschool.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I got a call from the school. A spot had opened up! So today, my little Matthew started pre-school. Today I have just Eli home. Today I am going crazy!

first day

And would it be too much to ask that he NOT be so darn excited that he didn't show the slightest hesitation? No wavering, just marched right in, announced he was "King Mick Jagger" and then sat down to color. His teacher says he's "a natural." Matthew asked what the computers were for, his teacher said they were for the class. Matthew responded with an enthusiastic, "SWEET!"

My Sweetie Pie is all grown up and the house is too quiet.


island girl said...

eeeekkk....little man is all grown up!! i can't wait to here about his first day!!

jensmack said...

Pre-school?! Already?! WHAT?

How is that even possible??