Sunday, February 01, 2009

the girl who can taste the rainbow

So I was surfing the Internet and came across this post detailing how to make a colorful, no fat cake. I liked the look of it and decided I could do it even better. So this is what I came up with.

Yes, my "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" cake. Since I didn't need to go low-fat, this are my instructions"

Step 1.) The ingredients: Make sure you use the gel colors, they produce much more vivid colors than the traditional liquid ones

Step 2: the technique: prepare cake according to directions and divide into roughly equal portions and color. I actually dived the mix up equally using a mesauring cup, then had some extra left over and beefed up the top three colors. Going in ROY G. BIV order and starting with red, layer the colors in a tube pan one on top of the other, trying to stay directly on top of the preceding layer.

Step 3.) the decorating: I mixed in one packet of blue kool aid into most of a tub of frosting. You may want to add additional confectioners sugar if it is too tart or use the pre-sweetened singles. Since white cake is pretty much tasteless, this adds some flavor to the party.I smeared the whole cake with the blue frosting, lumped on white "clouds" from the reserved frosting and added some sprinkles because EVERYONE likes sprinkles!

Step 4: the result: pretty cool, huh?

Step 5.) Enjoy! This cake produced some very happy customers!
Enjoy it! It was really easy. The kool-aid coloring trick could also be used on the cake, but, I think it would end up just being overwhelmingly fruity. Well, you could always just use the flavoring in certain layers. Something to play with. Also, I think I'd probably use two mixes next time.


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jensmack said...

Oh wow, Jules! That looks totally awesome!

(Chris just said "that is a cool cake - it looks tye-dyed!")