Sunday, August 05, 2007

the girl who has all her peeps in one place

Happy to be home!

Little 11, home at last! We are so happy to have him home and healthy! It's been almost two weeks and we are still working on our routine. Of course it is about to get all messed up again since both Aramis and I are returning to work on Tuesday, but there is a certain amount of bliss involved with having been able to spend this time together as a complete family. The boys love their littlest brother and he is the favorite new toy. We have to really keep an eye on them because sometimes they can be *too* helpful, lol. Eli is putting on weight quicker than he did in the NICU, which makes me think that maybe he wanted to be home too. He was released from the NICU on a Monday at 4 lb 6 oz. Three days later at his first pediatrician's appt, he had already gained 2 ounces! At his checkup a week later, he had gained another six! Little guy is topping out at 4 lb 14 oz and will soon be past the 5 lb mark. Quite an accomplishment for the little Slurpee!

GrandMary and all of her boys

My parents drove over from Texas to see their newest grandchild. We had an awesome visit: very low key and full of lots of "just hanging out" moments. We did a little shopping, a little playing in the park, a photo shoot and some wonderful family time. I really miss having my family close. We are actually discussing moving to Texas, which would please my fam to no end. Mom has been apologetically bringing up the subject for a few years now. My grandmother is not quite as subtle: she flat out tells me I need to move almost every time we speak, lol. My sister just jumped on the bandwagon too--which surprised me, but somehow carried more weight as she usually keeps her opinions to herself.

And I miss them! We've been doing things on our own for so long with long-distance support and our Florida Family's support, but it just isn't the same as having your fam right there in the same city. (or town--I don't think my hometown quite has earned "city" status, lol) And as the kiddos get older, I wish I had the luxury of allowing them to play outside. Somehow my hometown seems "safer."

3 generations

This was taken the last day of their visit. My Mom looks so sad! This is what I will look like in 30 years--not a bad future to look forward to. I love how well my Mom has aged and really hope genetics are as kind to me. She does not fit my internal picture of a 60 yo woman.

Pa plays with his favorite furry grandchild, Parker

This is my Dad with Parker. I think he had more fun playing with the dog than seeing his grandchild! lol! Dad has this "way" with animals. Every stray in the area will seek out my family because they know we will feed them, pet them, love on them and try and find their home. And if you don't have a home, well--something is usually arranged. This is probably why they have 5 cats and 4 dogs. Most of whom were strays that just "showed up." )and I'm not counting the two feral kittens, Hiss and Spit, that they are currently hosting.)

Pa carrying Eli

What is it with men and this kind of hold for carrying a baby? ALthough, I must say, Eli was perfectly content to be carried this way. Still, it is such a "guy thing" to do.


Class clown in training

Two funny Matthew stories from the visit. The first comes from him playing with Pa. My Dad got a bridge recently and was pushing it in and out of his mouth, trying to freak out Matthew. I asked him, "Can you do that with your teeth?" and he said "Sure" in that faintly Bronx accent of his (have no idea where that came from!) and started thrusting his jaw out, trying to emulate Pa. Then my Dad said in a deadly serious voice, "But can you do this?" and takes the bridge out completely, showing him the four teeth on it.

Matthew had a combination of shock and curiosity on his face and responded with a very smal "Oh!" It may be one of those things where you had to be there, but considering how LOUD Matthew is most of the time, this subdued and simple "Oh!" was hilarious to us all.

The second cute Matthew comment comes when we were playing at the playground. First, Matthew's outfit was hilarious. He managed to find the shortest pair of shorts--which ordinarily, no big deal since most of his shirts come to his waist, but on that day he was wearing a shirt handed down from his cousin that was about 2 sizes too big, but HAD to be worn because it had Lightening McQueen on it. Couple that with a pair of hand me down hiking boots that he insisted on wearing as well and he looked adorably mismatched! How did I not take a picture? Anyway, we were at the playground and he came to a part where he could choose to go down a slide, slide down a pole or climb down a ladder. I was coaching him to go down the slide as I didn't want him to attempt any of the other options. He turns to me and yells out, "Mommy, I can't fly, I go there!" (pointing at the slide) It was adorable!

Anyway, that is the past two weeks in a nutshell. A too short visit, a couple of cute stories and an update on 11's status. And I will leave you with my Mother's observation to add to the coincidences of Eli's birth: he is also the seventh grandson on my side of the family!

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jenscaleshr said...

7th grandson?! NO WAY!

The photos are gorgeous - especially the one of you, 11 and your Mom. She's a beautiful lady - I can see where you get it from!

The little peanut is sooooo adorable!! I can't wait to see him in person!! (soon, soon)

What a sweet bunch of faces!!