Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the girl who has a third grader!

My baby started third grade on Monday. And I was NOT allowed to take pictures! (Apparently third grade is when it isn't cool for mom to play paparazzi in front of your friends.) I wasn't allowed to kiss him goodbye either. Hmph!

I really can't believe how big he's gotten! My goodness, I look down at Eli and totally wonder that Zack was ever that small. It seems insane to me.

He has the same teacher as he had last year, which I'm thankful for. She understands. At least understands him enough to not want me to drug him. I was so upset at his first grade teacher who told me on multiple occasions that I needed to have him tested for ADHD. It brought me back to my days with Ms. Besek in the third grade. I have zero fond memories of that woman. At least she tried to manage me by having me moved to fourth grade. As far as I know she never actually tried to drug me!

little man

Another sign of how much Zack has grown--he loves being a big brother to a baby. He is constantly asking to feed or hold the baby and is the first one at Eli's side if he so much as whimpers. He is so proud of his baby brother! At the Open House he was telling everyone about Eli's birth. (I think his teachers were more impressed than he classmates.)
You'll notice I said big brother to a baby. Yeah, the littles are wearing on him. He's a sneaky one though. He constantly scams his brothers out of prized possessions and snacks. I guess that's one of the perks of being the biggest, but I really can't let it continue. If only to spare my ears from the shrieks of "Zacky took this...Zacky did that!"

Eli update:

He had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday and had gained one ounce shy of a pound since his last visit. He has officially lost his "sack of sugar" status and is weighing in at a hefty 5 lb 13 oz. He's also sprouted an inch. Look at those chubby cheeks! I look at this face and I see a LOT of my Opa shining through. Maybe he'll be a musician too.

Taking Eli to work with me is actually working out pretty well. This is his little set up in the corner. That's the cradle my other Gradfather made for the grandchildren and it fits perfectly in that corner. He's usually a calm baby and when he gets fussy, I just put him in the sling and he calms down pretty quickly. Look carefully at this pic--he's SMILING!

And then there is THIS picture. Not something you'd expect from sweet, sensitive little Ian. Who's been teaching him bad habits?

Lol, what really happened is that he has a teeny, tiny cut on his finger and he was showing it to me. Had to take a picture you know, it's one of those things you just are obligated to do.

Plus, his "first pictures" from the hospital shows him giving the feathered salute as well.

He only LOOKS sweet and innocent!


island girl said...

bwahahahah...that last pic is the best of the bunch!! love it!!

so cool you get to bring little E to work!! lucky girl!!

jenscaleshr said...

Those pics are PRECIOUS! Love the one of Zacky and little 11 - so sweet!

Awesome photos - Eli is just so handsome!!