Saturday, July 07, 2007

the girl who needs a nanny...but not THAT nanny!

So I'm driving to work on Friday and Larry suggests going for a drive after work with the kiddos. Whenever Larry suggests something (especially something involving bringing the kids) I am usually a bit suspicious. And, as usual, my suspicions were correct.

Apparently, ABC was holding a casting call for Super Nanny. You know, the show where a stranger comes to your house and on the basis of "hidden camera" footage that has probably been edited to show your family in the worst possible light tells you everything you are doing wrong as a parent and then broadcasts it on national tv.

Listen to me: I know I am not the "perfect" parent. I do not have perfect children, a perfect marriage, and I damn sure do not have a perfect house. However, I am quite aware I am not the parent I would like to be. I am also quite aware that to be the parent I want to be will require resources I don't have. There alot of things I can do without being a SAHM and until I have the resources to be a SAHM, I'll do the best I can with what I got. I know my children are not perfect--but that would make them clones of Dick and Jane and totally NOT what I want them to be. Each of my kids is unique and each one makes me happy to be their Mom at least once a day. I don't have the perfect marriage. We bicker, we argue and we don't agree on a ton of stuff. We do agree that we love each other and our kids and we are ultimately in this together. He loves me with my faults and failings and I return the favor. I constantly say we are the only people on the planet who would put up with each other, so that makes us pretty darn lucky. As for my housekeeping--I'm not even going to go there. I'll just leave that with a simple, "It could be improved."

I am not a fan of reality tv. (Although I do admit to being an American Idol junkie) It just seems the whole point of reality tv is to embarrass the people who participate in it. I've never been the type of person who revels in other people's discomforture, and I'm not about to start now. I have been known to change the channel or walk out of the room if someone is getting embarrassed--simply because I am too empathic and I feel embarrassed to witness their embarrassment. This includes fictional characters!

So Larry, sorry. I don't think that my family would be perfect for the casting call. I think SuperNanny should loosen up, realize families who LOVE each other don't always need a stranger butting in and telling them they are "doing it wrong" and I certainly think I will NOT be "auditioning."

But I wouldn't turn down a regular Nanny! (along with the huge house that would justify me even hiring one, lol!)


island girl said...

no way!! i can't believe he did that!

jenscaleshr said...

Grrrr... that's just plain wrong.