Monday, June 11, 2007

the girl who had fun with da Jens!

So I also may have gone overboard with the slideshow extras, but lets pretend I'm in jr. high and this is cool, ok? lol!

These girls are so much fun to hang out with! This weekend was my baby shower. Unfortunately, the guests seem to have forgotten that and nobody showed up except for someone who was working anyway. So that kind of sucked. (I'm trying not to be bitter.) Anyway, instead of tasting baby food and measuring my massive belly, I ended up gorging on fruit and dip and cupcakes and doing a wacky photo shoot. With the Jens around, I really don't need anyone else there to have fun! Plus, they got me the most gorgeous diaper bag from Wendy Belissimo! I had been coveting a real, trendy diaper bag--I've always just used the hospital freebie. But this is my last baby and I deserve to go out in style!

Then we went scrappy shopping and I picked up some Love, Elsie and we ended up at Panera Bread for "real food." Princess had to leave at that point, but I dragged Island Jen off to the mall to check out Lush and get some Buffy the Backside Slayer soap. Seriously, this is the best stuff evah for those bumpy backsides and I needed something to make me feel pretty. I tried to turn Jen onto it, but I think she balked at paying $10 for a bar of soap. Her loss! It is sooooo worth it!

So, my baby shower may not have gone off as originally planned, but I think the day itself was perfect! Look at these pics, can't you see the fun we have when we are together?


island girl said...


We laugh so hard when we hang out! I love it!! My fave pic is the close up of you taking a pic of jen...awesome!

jenscaleshr said...

I LOVE THESE! SO cool! I guess I didn't take as many photos as you two!

I had a wonderful day!! I love you both!