Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the girl who asks...

Seriously...have you ever seen a cuter belly shot?

So I am 28 weeks tomorrow--which means that I am 7 months along. Which would seem somewhat "on the homestretch" encouraging until you take into account that pregnancies are 40 weeks which really is 10 months, not 9. I suppose people just never count that first month because you really don't know, but for goodness sakes! It's just depressing when you finally hit your third trimester and figure out how much further you have!

Anyway...tomorrow is my birthday. 33--I guess that I should consider it a "lucky" b'day since good things come in threes and that's double threes. I continue to remain optimistic about this year. I know this is OUR YEAR, the YEAR OF NOW. I'm just impatient and want to get this pregnancy over with, I feel like its holding me back in the sense that I just want to go do things and I keep having to say "when the baby is born" and that was so NOT part of my word for this year. It isn't WHEN, it's NOW.

And NOW I must get back to work, lol!


island girl said...

awww....that is the cutest belly shot evah!!!

jenscaleshr said...

That is an adorable photo!! What a cute belly and boy!

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! It IS the year of JULIE!

Marti said...

Ya'll are too cute! Glad you had a fun shower - it looks like you didn't anyone else there, anyway. And I LOVE that diaper bag!