Saturday, June 23, 2007

the girl who got crafty

So this was my project this weekend! I had fun with tie dye and iron-ons and fabric paint. You should see my hands! lol! I might add some more stuff like some hand stitching...or maybe not. Not all of them turned out as I envisioned, but my faves are the dragon, the gnome, the cycle and the skull. Right now, I know Eli has some rockin' new duds and this was just size 0-3 months...he'll grow and need more! Plus all the other boys loved watching me play and the results, so maybe I'll make some matching tees too.


Crystal said...

These are simply adorable! And it sounds like you had fun in the process!

island girl said...

OMG I freakin' love every single one of them! especially the gnome...but that's b/c i'm gnome obsessed! awesome job chica!

jenscaleshr said...

Those are SO COOL!!! I'm so impressed!

I love the pirate, the lion and the skull! They're awesome!

(you could totally sell those and make moo-la!)