Sunday, May 13, 2007

the girl who is a mother

Thought I'd share this video...I thought it was kinda cute considering the day, lol!

Yes, It's Mother's Day and I am a Mother. That, of course, is an understatement, but it *is* my day after all.

For Mother's Day, I got to sleep in until 4:00 am when the dog woke me up by vomiting all over my feet. (Note to DH: do not feed your dog leftover sub sandwiches--they don't agree with him!) After I finished cleaning up that mess, walking the dog in my robe and putting him in the crate for the remainder of the night, I got to sleep some more until about 6-ish, when I was awakened by DH to help him track down a missing shoe. After going back to sleep I was awakened by DS#3 wanting to cuddle and then the whole troupe came into my room a little later with a bowl of Cocoa Krispies and a banana. Happy Mother's Day! The cutest thing was Matthew insisting on spoon feeding me the cereal and shoving bites of banana in my mouth. Adorable! They have been very kind in letting me cat nap since but it really is time to get up and get going.

My plans for the rest of the day involve laundry--lots of it. And spraying the boys' bathroom down with bleach, lol. Three boys with various standards of cleanliness really can abuse a toilet. I know, glamorous. I have a sneaking suspicion that DH is going to present me with Tori's latest cd as my pressie when I get home, so I know what I will be listening too over and over tomorrow at work!

Mother's Day gives me a chance to reflect upon my kiddos. I really am proud of them. Such distinct personalities and oh, so loving. Each of them!

There's Zachary who is my comedian. He loves to make people laugh and involve people in what he's thinking. I worry about his tendency to want to be liked so much that he forgets his rules, but I know he has a good heart. He's finding his way, he just needs confidence. But he is so smart! Now I understand why potential is such a scary word. I know he has potential in spades, but I wonder if he really is motivated to use it. I don't want to be *that* mom that pushes her kid to the point he doesn't enjoy things that once brought him joy. So I'll let him find his own way, he is only 8. I'll wait until he's in jr. high at least before I start the insane academic pressure!

Then, there's Ian. He's Mr. Shy and Sensitive. The calmest and quietest of the three, he really is content to sort of stay in the background and not create a fuss. We call him our "OCD boy" because he is so particular about so many things. He has to drink form *this* cup, make his bed *this* way, follow *this* routine. He is the only one of the boys who sees a messy room and cleans it WITHOUT BEING ASKED! And all he wants as a reward is a sticker! He is very competitive with his younger brother though. Perhaps because they are so close in age, and perhaps because Matthew tends to bulldoze his way through everything and try to take over. Ian is my cuddle-bug and totally willing to just sit in my lap and tell me a story (even if I can't understand it.) He's my artist and will take crayons and paper over an action figure any day of the week. And as much as he is normally quiet and reserved, when competing with his brother's he turns into a drama queen. Push him while reaching for a toy and he will fall to the floor screaming piteously. When it isn't annoying it's comical.

Matthew is my BOY. He is Trouble on Two Feet. He is my Charmer. He wraps people around his finger. And he does it on purpose so he can get away with stuff. He charges headfirst into life. If he wants something he takes it. If he doesn't want something, he just says "no thanks" and refuses. "Matthew, time for bed!" "No thanks, Mommy. No thanks." He not only keeps up with his older brothers, he gives them a run for their money. And he is so irresistibly cute he gets away with way too much! He goes through life just assuming everyone loves him and I really hope he never loses that. One thing I hope he does lose is his total lack of fear of consequence. This is why he's the only kid to have had stitches, have had DCF called on us for his "escape" and who is always covered with bruises. Let's hope he learns restraint as he grows older.

Eli is my jumping bean at the moment. I hit 6 months this week and am started to get excited about meeting him. This pregnancy is bittersweet. On one hand, it was a complete and total surprise so there was a little bit of shock and a getting used to the idea period. On the other hand, I *know* this is the last time, so I am embracing some of the thrills and discomforts of pregnancy as the last time I will feel this way. Those kicks and jabs in my tummy? After 3 and a half years since my last, I realized I kind of missed that really intimate little thrill. Especially the first time you feel them, before anyone else can. It's like a little secret, "I've got a LIFE inside me!" So my firsts with this pregnancy are also my lasts.

Well, the kids have been generous, but I can hear a pile of laundry calling me, so it's off to work I go. I'm going to make a teeny plea here. If you read my blog and are not one of the Jens, please leave a comment so I know! I go so long between posts sometimes because I figure the Jens are the only one reading and I talk to them daily. Then I'll hear form someone that they saw such and such on my blog, so then I feel kind of guilty for letting ot go so long. Anyway. I'll leave you with the fabulous Tori Amos' new single "Big Wheel." Pay attention to my favorite part, completely appropriate for today...

"I am a M. I. L. F. Don't you forget!"

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jenscaleshr said...

Me thinks this blog entry needs to be turned into a scrapbook page. :)

Happy Mother's Day my friend! I love ya!