Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the girl who is happy

Here we go with the requisite "Things that make me Happy" Post.

This man makes me happy (when he isn't driving me crazy with his phone-a-phobia. You know, he thought he caught someone breaking into the condo and then calls me at the Dr.'s office to have ME call 911? Seriously.) But most of the time he makes me happy.

My kids being goofy and mugging for the camera makes me happy. I love that I have them TRAINED to be aware of the camera! lol!

This is the wall of my kids' art that I have next to my computer. Looking at this definately makes me HAPPY! (Hey Jen, note your b'day tag hanging there! lol!)

I found Izze grapefruit soda at my Publix. This definitely makes me happy! Love this stuff, and not just because of the cool flower stamped bottle cap!

Blue makes me happy and this is what is on top of my scrappy cabinet. I love everything here. My head in a cage, my tahitian vanilla reed diffuser, my big ass potpourri balls, the incense (black tubes) beside it--can you tell I like smelly good stuff?--and that picture of Aramis and I when we first started dating. We were definitely pretty darn cute! (this is pre-kids, of course! lol!)

My kitty home safe and sound after his adventure a few months ago. I love this animal. He is my "furry son."

Things that definately DO NOT make me happy, in fact, they make me decidedly UNhappy!

Kid one sick with fever, bronchitis, ear infection and throat infection.

Kid two sick with fever and vomiting.

Really, don't you two communicate? You need to coordinate your sickness so you have the same thing at the same time! And could you possible try to get over it quickly? I hate having to take off from work. At least the two sickies felt bad enough they slept a good portion of the day. (poor babies) Ian is just like his Daddy when he's sick. Set him up and leave him alone. Check in on him every hour or so to dispense juice or medicine, but seriously, just let me be miserable by myself!

Matthew is more like me. When he's sick he wants his miserableness acknowledged. He wants cuddles and love, and--if possible--he'd like to infect you two through sloppy, slimy kisses so you know how miserable he is!

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jenscaleshr said...

Awww... love seeing the stuff that makes you happy!

And your boys - sweet photos - even if they're sick. I'm sure they were glad to have their Mommy there.