Saturday, May 26, 2007

the girl who asks...ARRRR you ready for some pictures?

Despite Zachary being on restriction until further notice and Daddy and I deciding to "cancel" his birthday, I just couldn't do it! So we did end up celebrating a little bit (although not nearly as elaborate as we had originally planned) I went with a Pirate theme this year and the original plan was to go hit the Pirate's Cove mini-golf, then hop over to the Pirates Dinner Show and end it with watching Pirates of the Carribbean 3.

What we ended up doing was, well, none of that.

We had ice cream cake (which Mommy improvised a Pirate theme on)...

and presents and we did go watch a movie but the birthday boy decided he would rather see Shrek 3 instead, so we did. His presents were Pirate themed though...

and I did get some pics of him with the POC3 display at Downtown Disney (so I get to use my Pirate themed patterned paper after all, lol!) So, while the day may not have been Pirate themed, the birthday boy did have fun and I do have some new favorite pictures.

and I even got some pictures of Ian too (since he came along)


island girl said... glad you get to use your pirate pp!! bwahhaha!!

lovin' all the photos...especialy that belly shot!!

jenscaleshr said...

Look at your baby belly!!! Awwww - so sweet!

Great photos - I'm glad you and the boys had a good time!