Sunday, April 15, 2007

the girl who is walking

The van suffered massive organ failure and is on life support. So I'm walking. Well, actually, I'm sharing the wagon with Hubby again, but I'm not liking it. Damn car is so low that in my behemoth state I feel like a whale getting in and out. (Especially out!) The van will be better soon (I hope). I came out of Publix to find a huge puddle of fluid underneath the van. I mean HUGE! It took all of my nerves just to drive it across the street and around the corner to park it at Larry's house. And all the while my temp gauge is rising and rising and then alarm beeps start going off!


Then the whole issue of getting Aramis out of work early to pick up the kiddos and alerting after-school care and the daycare about our lateness. All with a cell with a dying battery. (Bad me for not recharging!)

Then I stayed home from work on Fri and attempted to get the car to our mechanic. We'd fill the radiator and turn it on and watch all the fluid run out and the temp gauge run up. Four hours of fiddling with this and I definitely didn't want to chance it, even though the mechanic's shop was only 5 miles away.

So Saturday I got a tow into the shop and, unfortunately, they were busy. They can't even look at the can until Monday. On the bright side, I'm thinking water pump or radiator--both guaranteed to be $$$$. The mechanic says it may just be a hose issue--something common in this van. So let's all cross our fingers for that!

Monday will be quite the mileage burner on that little wagon. Unfortunately, I can't miss work again seeing as it's a payroll day and I think the staff would prefer getting paid to me being mobile. Come to think of it, if it isn't the hoses, I'LL probably appreciate the paycheck too!

In the meantime, I've been folding laundry, sweeping concrete floors, and brainstorming some projects. I want to create, but I really don't have the urge, ya know? It's like food these's lunchtime, I should eat, but I really don't feel the hunger.

Until you set a plate of food in front of me.

I hope it's like that with my mojo. I kinda feel like I should be creating right now, but don't really have the urge. I'm hoping if I just sit down to do it, I'll become ravenous.

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