Sunday, February 18, 2007

the girl who swears (again) to organize

I'm thinking that organization is not my thing. Some friends I have might laugh at that since they consider me to be a touch anal retentive, but when it comes to my house, it's a mess. I can't keep any system in place. Mainly because nobody seems to adhere to my system once I put one in place. DH has the same complaint. Of course, his organization system is to get rid of everything so there's nothing TO organize. Great plan, but he shouldn't have married a pack rat.

So I've made a list of things to buy to help me get this place under control. I'm considering a storage unit. Not that that would help the pack rat issue, but some things NEED to be saved and closet space is at a premium in this tiny place. So why not put the stuff like the Christmas decorations and clothes that are saved for hand-me downs and such away somewhere off site and clear up that space for the stuff I need here?

Of course, I think I just like buying organization stuff! That, too is my pack rat nature!


island girl said...

hehehe...i think maybe some serious nesting needs to be involved (i.e. start throwing some crap out) before purchasing any organizational items!

i would think the anal retentive side of you would know this!! :-)

JenSmack said...


Hey - there's a fabulous store up here called The Container Store. You would LOVE it - all ya gotta do is MOVE TO ATLANTA!