Monday, January 08, 2007

the girl who went a scrappin

My mojo came and kidnapped me and off we went into a wonderful land filled with pretty paper, wavy journaling and funky good times. It started with just doing my Al E. Challenge slash Effer Dare (they dovetailed nicely), then I moved on to doing one of the kiddos, then a picture I've had hanging up for awhile suddenly matched itself with some pp in my stash, then I decided to squeeze one more in just to keep the mojo happy. When I started to pack it in, I realized I had done everyone in the family except one kid, so I decided to throw one last quick one together. Started packing it in again and the photo that inspired me before? Well it was covering another photo of my kitty and that clicked with some paper in my stash too and then my rationale kicked in and said "You can't leave Maceo out of things" so that one came together quickly too...15 minutes I think. Of course, while I was finishing the clean up job I kept sneaking over to add things to that last layout, lol.

Anyway, as Jen would put it, you can see the results of a creative mess here. I love scrappy jags! (Of course, I was up until 4:30 with the lo's and then up another 45 min or so scanning them so I had to deal with scrapover the next day.)

What did you get done this weekend?


island girl said...

Obviously not as much as you! Sigh...i'm jealous!

sarah.b said...

I LOVED this layout when I saw it in the Gallery!! Too Cool!!!

alecia*grimm said...

cool layout. I love scrappy jags too. :-)

JenSmack said...

Your LOs rocked! I love it when YOU get on scrappy jags!

Whatcha gonna do THiS weekend?