Monday, January 15, 2007

the girl who is nesting

Sick kiddos and DVD's. My house is full. Currently have on sick kid tucked in my bed watching "Cars", another sick kid playing his DS and one sick kid playing in the tub. And me? Well, I'm sick too, but from an entirely different cause. (blech!)

Rented three movies this weekend and can't really recommend 2 of them. You, Me & Dupree...meh. Ok, but not stellar. Definitely glad I didn't pay money to see it in the theatre. I think the funniest part was the "spoof trailer"

Next was Clerks II. The first was definitely better. The first was EXCELLENT! The second was terrible. An insult to the first.

The last movie I rented was Monster House. I've got high hopes. Please don't let it disappoint!

The big new for me today is that Tara from Dream Street called me today to say she was sending me ONE OF EVERYTHING from the new line! I am so lucky! So, since I only have to do 2 layouts and one project, I am sure I will have plenty leftover. So keep an eye out for a RAK!


island girl said... know my address!

JenSmack said...

Yeah - and you know where my mailbox is. ;) (right next to yours)