Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the girl who's house is TRASHED!

What is it about Christmas that just generates more work? for me! Who bought all the presents? Who braved Wal Mart on Christmas Eve to get something for the unexpected guests so they'd have a present to unwrap? Who cleaned the house prior to guests' arrival? Who wrapped all of the presents? Who refereed the Christmas chaos? Who made a big ass breakfast to follow? Who got stuck with cleaning it up? And who is stuck with cleaning up the rest of the house today? I'll tell you this...it wasn't Santa Claus!

Yeah, I know...bitch, bitch, bitch. Hey, I'm entitled!

Anyway, here is a little photo essay of making Christmas cookies for Santa. Evidentally, to make the proper cookie for Santa, one must do a LOT of tasting. My Zack quote to go with these pictures is: (after hearing Mommy admonish Matthew for the umpteemth time NOT to stick his fingers in the dough, Zack says) "Yeah! 'Cuz you'll get your DNA in the cookies and then Santa will eat your DNA!!! Right Mommy?" Um, yeah...right. lol!

Enjoy! I hope everyone else had a great holiday...in spite of my whining, I did!

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JenSmack said...

Yeah... it's always the Mom who ends up with all the not-so-fun stuff to do. I don't think they realize just how much work it is!

The cookie pictures are adorable! I love seeing the icing on THEM!