Sunday, December 24, 2006

the girl who is getting ready for Santa

presents bought?

well, um, mostly

house clean?

well...sheesh...not really

presents wrapped?

lol! that's funny!

cookies for Santa baked?

I bought dough in a roll, does that count?

um, yeah...I'm totally ready!

I even need to take a better pic of my tree! it kept coming out blurry...I suck, lol!

For fun...track Santa here and play some cool holiday games here (go to the office max tab on the bottom right...they are so much fun!)

And just to enable my scrappy buddies, beautiful stuff here to drool over!

Have a very Merry!

1 comment:

JenSmack said...

Awww - love the colored lights on the tree!

I checked out that website... no paisley patches there either!