Sunday, December 10, 2006

the girl who is determined to have a date night

So, since I am leaving my job I turned in all my "star cards" (hey, nice job! cards) and got dinner for two at the restaurant in the hotel. DH and I were all set to go out on a "date" yesterday and we just couldn't find a babysitter!

So I changed the reservation to tonight and lo and behold, no sitter again.

Well, I needed to use this up before my exit so I asked hubby about taking the kids with us.

***insert evil look of death here***

So, no go on that but I really wanted to use this up! So I went and got take out. Hubby had the kids fed, bathed and in bed by the time I got home. We ate our dinner and then...well, then he went to his computer to play WoW and I went to go try out my new sewing machine courtesy of Santa Mom.

Sigh! The romance never stops in this house!

lol! Really, I'm fine with it. We're spending time together just doing our own thing. So its cool. At the risk of TMI, we sort of took care of the romantic end of things already today.

Now I'm off to practice sewing hearts and junk on paper.


mIcHeLlE-o said...

congrats on the sewing machine. can't wait to see some of the goodies you will be making :D Hope the food and romantic encounter were good!!

JenSmack said...

Sorry about your date night... but at least you got to eat some good food, right?