Sunday, October 29, 2006

the girl who went to the patch!

Went a pumpkin hunting with the little ones yesterday. Ok, let's be realistic, I went to a photo shoot and bought a pumpkin to pay for using their props! Celebration is beautiful, but it's growing closer and closerr together. What used to be quaint is fast looking overcrowded. Beautifully overcrowded, but overcroded just the same. The architecture is just gorgeous, but everything is RIGHT UP AGAINST everything else. A little overload.

We went around 5 after first picking up Coo-Pa. I called Miss Jen before we went because I thought she might like to go and I could help her wrangle her kids and she could help me with mine, but she wasn't home. So Coo-Pa got drafted instead. I could tell he didn't realize what he was getting himself into, poor guy.

There was a wedding that had just ended while we were there. The bride and groom (although it was probably the photographer's idea) were posing in the patch. Somewhere out there is a newly wed couple with pictures of a hyper 7 yo running around, behind, in front of their shot. After my fourteenth "ZACHARY EMERSON!!!" I heard a familar voice say, "Now that's a familiar voice!" lol! Yep, I couldn't get ahold of Jen because she was coming to the patch too! By that time I had my shots and Coo-Pa was reaching the end of his rope (or looking for some to tie the kiddos up with) so we only spent a few min together. But we took pictures of each other';s kiddos! lol! Only scrappers! I must say, Jen has a good scrubby. He held jackets, corralled kids, and made encouraging suggestions. She has him well trained.

I love the pp pics! They came out great, but they made me realize how much Ian needs a haircut! Poor boy! He's cute, but he's all hair! And just try taking a pic with three little boys and get them to all look at the camera at the same time. ONE semi-decent shot. Acceptable, but by no means phenomonal. Oh well, it DOES show their personalities.

Today I have some stuff to do around the house. Namely laundry. It NEVER ends! I also need to get to the store and pick up some stuff to recreate my layouts for Blue Media and get those articles finished. Hopefully I'll get my house clean enough to invite Miss Jen over to help! And now, off to watch all the episodes of Numb3ers that I have saved and get some laundry done!

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island girl said... i want to go to the pumpkin patch! love all the pics!