Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the girl who hab a code




nubbin much gobing ob. mad ab work, but wonb go indo ib.

(nothing much going on. mad at work, but won't go into it.)

Cute Zack story to hold ya over 'till I stop sneezing on my key board:

Taken from his school journal. The assignment was to write a paragraph on how you would make the world a better place.

(grammar, spelling etc mistakes intact for the cute factor)

"The way I would change the world is I'll try to make it rain candy. An other way Is I will try to make it rain toys. An otter way is Ill try to make it rain chochlit. (chocolate)"

now THAT would be a worthwhile contribution!


island girl said...

Zacky is the masta!!

Rain chocolate rain!

mIcHeLlE-o said...

sounds good to me. just tell zach to hit florida with all the chocolate.

JenSmack said...

Oh yess... I knew it the first moment I laid eyes on him that he was a genius. Gooo Zachary!

I hope the crew is feeling better!