Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the girl who scored some candy

Ok, so the BOYS scored some candy, but you know...a good parent should always supervise their kids' sugar intake. No gum, no really chewy stuff and definately NO CHOCOLATE. It's terrible for kids! lol! Anyway, here are the boys in all their Halloween glory!

Zachary was a zombie pirate. oooooh! Scary! Of course the eye patch only lasted for the picture session, but hey, it was cool. And this from the boy who originally balked at wearing "make-up" It was only after I started calling it "face paint" that he relented.

Here is Ian. He LOVES his batman costume, it suited his shy nature to be behind a cowl, lol! He was the most hesitant about going up to doors, but he got the idea pretty quickly. His picture taking session yielded the fewest photos because he was moving so much! Of course you can't explain to a nearly four year old that Batman doesn't fly...he has a cape, doesn't he? Why wouldn't he be able to fly?

Matthew got the most pictures. He's adorable as Superman. Of course, with his hat habit, it was hard to convince him Superman did not need a Miami Dolphins baseball hat. This is my fave pic of his. ADORABLE!

And here is me in all my witchiness. Yes, I am the booby witch apparently. Not the best pic, but the photographer (DH) was a bit unwilling. Oh well.

All in all, we had a good time. We did a complete loop of the complex and were home by 7. A quick dinner and the boys were put to bed by 8 after being allowed ONE piece of candy. Yes, I am a mean mommy. Of course, it's 9:30 and they are still awake. Time to go persudae them it is in their best interests to go to sleep. Because once they are asleep, I can go to sleep.

And then everyone will be happy!


mIcHeLlE-o said...

Those are the cutest super hero's around. I love Zachary's eye patch too, it's supah cool. What a hott witch you are, LOL. Great pics, can't wait to see how you scrap them.

island girl said...

lmao...the booby witch! can't wait to see that layout!

JenSmack said...

look at you Hot Mama Witch! You're much to sexy to be scary! Or is that how you lure your victims?!?

The boys look SO CUTE! I absolutely LOVE LOVE that photo of Matthew! And it's so good to see little Ian smiling under that mask! Zachary looks like he absolutely loved the "face paint" you put on him... he was definitely working it!

So fun!!