Monday, September 25, 2006

the girl who is unsure

So Zachary and Ian have school pictures tomorrow and Zachary really needed a haircut. So I took him to the shop today after school and--for some crazy reason--found myself saying, "Two for haircuts."

And then, inexplicitly, I once again heard that same voice saying, "You know, just chop it all off." Granted, I think it's been a year or more since I had an actual haircut. Hmmm, longer, in fact. I think the last haircut I got was right before my brother's wedding in July of 2005. I tend to forget I need such things. My hair was DEAD, split ends, frizzy and the weight of it was dragging out the curl. So I told her to chop off all the dead stuff. And so I have this now. Not sure, getting used to it. At least I'm not so caught up in my hair that I forget that it will grow back. It WILL grow back, right? lol! It's certainly, uh, bouncier than it was before. I'm going to try blowing it out to see how it looks. I didn't buy the $28 bottle of shampoo that was reccommended to me, but I did spring seven bucks on some anti-frizz serum. So I'm going to test it out. What's the vote on this do?


mIcHeLlE-o said...

I like it Julie. If your hair is as curly as mine, good luck getting the frizz and curl out. Invest in buying an expensive hair straightner, they do work. I think it looks awesome!!

island girl said...

hot mamma!!

island girl said...