Thursday, September 14, 2006

the girl who is so proud!

Look at this little man on his first day of school...has it been six weeks already? He just brought me his first report card. Second grade is his first experience with letter grades and I was a little aphrehensive about the switch. I shouldn't have been. He's a smart boy, I've always known that, but he's had some self-control issues, so I wasn't too sure about how he's been performing. Well...he got STRAIGHT A's!! He's so proud! He called his GrandMary and Pa in Texas himself to tell them and has been waiting for the phone to ring so he can tell anyone who calls, lol. So if you call and he answers the prepared!


JenSmack said...

Yayyy Zachary! Congrats kid! That's awesome! Congrats Mom, too!

I wish I would've seen this earlier; I would've called for sure! You know - Zachary and I are pretty tight. ;)

Do McDonalds still give out treats or free stuff (fries, etc) for report card grades?

island girl said...

woo-hoo...go Zach-ie!! I wish I was that smart!! lol!

mIcHeLlE-o said...

He's smart just like his mommy. Congrats to Zachary!!! Give me your number and I'll call so he can brag to me. That's wonderul, very proud of him.