Friday, September 08, 2006

the girl who is just here

been sick. been disappointed. been angry. been confused. been hurt.

all different reactions to different things.

just letting y'all know I'm here, but not here.

everything will be fine, not wanting pity or anything like that, just lettin ya know.


island girl said...

you know my number!


oh, btw...

i am a weak woman...bought stamps, paper and 7gypsies love today!

mIcHeLlE-o said...

Keep your pretty lil head up Mama. You rock!!! Hope your feeling better girlie.

JenSmack said...

Hey - call me. Now. I called you this afternoon. Zachary and I had a nice little chat.

I miss you, chica.

Call me.

Did you hear how weak Jen is?? ;)