Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the girl who is sharing her lessons

Lessons learned when making boob prints for a layout:

  1. Lock your door. You cannot afford the therapist bill your children will run up.
  2. If you do not tell your husband what you are doing, he will assume the worst.
  3. Once you do tell your husband what you are doing, he will call you and all your scrapping friends "freaks."
  4. Apply paint evenly--otherwise one boob will end up looking much bigger than the other.
  5. Practice, it takes some time to achieve the perfect boob print.
  6. Boob prints look most natural when you turn them upside down. I don't know why.
  7. Do not cover the entire areola with paint, or you will end up with nipples on your creation the size of saucers.
  8. The entire boob does not print--at some point compression makes it impossible to get the complete boobage on paper.
  9. It is necessary to squeeze boobs together when stamping, otherwise you will end up with a 2 page layout.
  10. No matter how many times you practice and how many combinations you try, you realize it isn't the paint--one boob really IS bigger than the other!


mIcHeLlE-o said...
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mIcHeLlE-o said...

Laughing my ass off right now. This is too eff'n funny. Glad that you shared with us, us "freaks" need pointers at times.