Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the girl who is random

  • So Mom didn't get the kidney. Shame. I'm very disappointed, but she seemed positive about it because now she has verification that she is next in line. So there's that. It's semi-comforting, but not the outcome we wanted.

  • Random conversation with Zachary yesterday. I asked him if he wanted another brother or sister. After a moment's thought he replied, "No thank you, Mommy. No thanks. We already have Matthew and Ian and they get into so much TROUBLE!!" After another moment he added, "and me sometimes too. I get into trouble sometimes." I love the politeness of it all as well as the honesty. lol!

  • I've taken more time than I should off of work this week, I'm going to end up only working three days this week. But it's been nice spending this time with the kiddos since they'll be starting school next week. Meet the Teacher is tomorrow and I'm hoping Zacky gets a teacher more understanding of his personality this time. Last year's teacher kept trying to get me to get him tested for ADHD because he was bored and class and figeted alot. Well...challenge him! I can only do so much at home, when he's at school it's YOUR responsibility to make sure he's reaching his potential. So WORK with him to make sure he's not bored with the material or has something else to do when he's done. Come on, the FCAT is not the end all be all--or it shouldn't be--stop teaching to the test and start TEACHING! (This is really more about the state of the school system than specifically his teacher. She was a lovely person and I understand she needed to spend more time teaching to the average level of the class than the upper and lower ends of the spectrum, but, damnit! if he's bored with the material SOMETHING should be done besides suggesting I drug him!)

  • One of the great things about spending more time with the kiddos is observing them and discovering new behaviors or quirks. FOr instance, it is completely adorable how Matthew looks for objects. If you tell him to go get his shoes he'll look around exaggerately in the immediate vicinity and then yell out, "Shoes! Where are you?" It's cute. Lately he's taken to wearing a knit spiderman hat on his head. I swear he looks like that guy from Viva la Bam! I must take a picture.

  • Speaking of pictures, here's one of those typical summer pictures. (ok, maybe not. blogger is not cooperating, so you will have to hold your horses for the pics) Loving the boys and the popsicles. They each have their own style: Ian licks, Matthew sucks, and Zacky bites. (I wish I had other adjectives 'cuz I know where your mind is going, but I don't)

  • Thinking of trying out for the poppy ink design team. (and btw, did you notice I just linked for the first time? Thanks Michelle! Whoa! Thats two!) I have a couple cool lo's leftover from MMM, would just need to get good photos since my scanner took a poop. Damn things are practically disposable these days. Might as well buy a new one since the printer needed more ink and sometimes you can actually get a printer (with ink) for less or about the same cost as the ink itself. Insane!

  • And, on a completely unrelated to anything else note, would you like to know why fire engines are red?

Glad you asked.

Fire engines are red because fire engines have four wheels and eight men. 4+8=12 There are 12 inches in a foot. A foot is a ruler. A famous ruler was Queen Elizabeth. The Queen Elizabeth was once the largest ship to sail the seven seas. Seas have fish. Fish have fins. The Fins fought the Russians. Russians are red. Fire engines are always rushing. And THAT is why fire engines are red!

Now ask me why the sky is blue!


mIcHeLlE-o said...

ROFLMA at the why is the sky blue!! Glad that you are getting some time with the kiddos before school starts, you're an awesome mom Julie. Still keeping my fingers crossed that mom's turn is hours away from getting her transplant. Glad I could help out with the linking thingy.

island girl said...

i can not believe you didn't know how to link on your blog...killin' me girl!!

glad your spending time with the kiddos! i can't believe school is about to start again!