Friday, May 05, 2006

the girl who is doing the happy dance!

Yaaaaaay! I am pleased to report that we are officially a TWO income family again! Whew! What a relief! And, it's a GOOD job for my DH, so that makes it even better. So {knock on wood} soon we can maintain and improve our lifestyle--such as it is. And, if all goes well, I can make a job change in the future myself. So I am crossing my fingers that all goes well and I am just ecstatic and optimistic right now! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Today, one of my latest pages. One documenting Mr. Trouble on Two Feet's first set of stitches. I say first because, knowing him, it won't be his last! Journaling is in the file folder along with ER mementos and most of the "stitching" is fake! Only the blanket stitch around the file folder is real!


mIcHeLlE-o said...

I love those colors girl. Wonderful page!!! You have a lil heartbreaker on your hands.

island girl said...

rock on chica!! so happy for you guys!!

JenSmack said...

Yayy! Congrats to you and your family! I know how much of a relief this is and I'm so thrilled for you!

Now... update your blog. Darn it.